CBS scraps plans to air Madonna concert. Madge reportedly wanted the show to run two-hours-plus, without commercials

By Gary Susman
Updated September 10, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Madonna: Aaron Harris/AP

Looks like Madonna won’t get to express herself on CBS anytime soon. At its upfront presentation to advertisers this spring, the network boasted it would air a concert performance from the singer’s current Reinvention Tour, marking her first concert special for network TV after having done three such specials for HBO. Taping was to take place next week when Madonna performs in Lisbon, Portugal. Now, however, Variety reports that CBS has scrapped plans to air Madonna’s show. At issue, a CBS spokesperson told Variety, was Madonna’s insistence that the show run two hours-plus, without commercials, just like her shows on HBO. But CBS didn’t want to air more than two hours of the Material Mom’s material. Left unsaid by CBS, which is facing an imminent $550,000 indecency fine levied by the Federal Communications Commission over Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, is the network’s likely relief over not risking a similar fine for airing anything risqué that the bustier-clad Madonna might include in her show.