Q&A with ''The Amazing Race'''s Charla and Mirna -- The cousins talk about competing on the reality show and what they would like to do next

By Jessica Shaw
Updated September 03, 2004 at 12:00 PM EDT

Oh, how we loved ”The Amazing Race”’s small wonder, Charla Faddoul! She hauled a 50-pound side of beef, ate a vat of caviar, and had fans everywhere cheering her on. And cousin Mirna Hindoyan, well, she hugged host Phil Keoghan a lot. EW talked to the (now eliminated) duo about their ”Amazing” appeal.

Charla, you destroyed that caviar while the other women bitched and wept. How?

Charla: I’ve been through a lot more obstacles than this race. I’ve had surgeries where my legs have been broken. How bad can eating caviar be compared to that?

Mirna, what was up with your making Charla do most of the show’s Roadblocks?

Mirna: I’m a very picky eater. If that’s Charla’s strength, why would I sit there and take an extra hour?

C: Mirna did a lot of things you didn’t see, like with the ticket agents. Those counters were above my head.

Did you know the Brothers were calling you Mirna and Shmirna?

C: If they had said it to my face, I would have tried to educate them — that’s not the proper way to respect a person.

M: Maybe it will land us a commercial with Smirnoff?and in that case, we should thank them.

What’s next? ”Survivor”?

M: Our hair would be a mess! Doing a ”Laverne & Shirley”-type show sounds more like us.

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