By Dalton Ross
September 03, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
The Passion of the Christ: Phillippe Antonello
  • Movie

As if seeing Jim Caviezel get whipped to a bloody pulp on the big screen wasn’t enough, you can now enjoy The Passion of the Christ at home, presented with a ”maximum bit rate” (a fancy way of saying it’s a nice-looking transfer), thereby making the graphic torture scenes that much more graphic. But alas, the disc is bonus feature-free. (Sorry, no blooper reel.)

While most of ”The Passion”’s controversy is over the film’s portrayal of Jews (although the Romans don’t come off so hot either), is the rest of it any good? Well, the acting and cinematography are competent, but your feelings about the film probably depend on whether you view this depiction of Jesus’ last 12 hours as excessive or uncompromising.