EW recommends that you download this -- Listen to tunes from Gomez, My Morning Jacket and The Jackson 5

By EW Staff
September 03, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

GOMEZ won Britain?s prestigious Mercury Music Prize back in ?98 for mixing fuzzy American blues riffs with Britpop flair. Proof they?ve still got it: the stripped-down roar of ”Ping One Down.” REAL.COM/RHAPSODY

Dude, stop sulking about missing this year?s kick-ass Bonnaroo already! Purchase pristine live tracks like MY MORNING JACKET?s folksy ”Golden” at LIVEBONNAROO.COM. Hallucinogenics not included.

Oh, Jacko, where have you gone? Listening to MJ?s soul-power thrust on the 1972 JACKSON 5 stunner ”Can?t Get Ready for Losing You” is a bittersweet pleasure. ITUNES.COM

Like a sweet-voiced disciple of ?70s singer-songwriter titans Bill Withers and James Taylor, DAN DYER makes a rock-solid impression with his debut single, ”Of What Lies Beneath.” DANDYER.COM