How Hector Elizondo and Garry Marshall go way back -- The reason why the versatile actor has appeared in all 14 of the ''Pretty Woman'' director's movies


If Hector Elizondo’s kindly bodyguard in ”The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” strikes you as familiar — and we don?t mean because he played the same part in ”PD1,” silly — you?re onto something. The actor has appeared (usually as a kindly manservant of some sort) in every one of director Garry Marshall?s 14 films. Elizondo and the ”Pretty Woman” and ”Beaches” helmer have been, excuse us, the wind beneath each other’s wings since meeting at a basketball game in the early ’80s. In fact, Elizondo (the director’s ”lucky charm”) is written into all of Marshall?s contracts ”whether I want to do the movie or not,” the actor says, laughing. Quips Marshall of his reliable friend, ”It’s not that he can do so many different characters. It’s that he has so many toupees!”