Oprah Winfrey: Ronald Asadorian/Splash News/Newscom

Oprah will sit on murder-trial jury. Doing her civic duty, she'll deliberate on a case in Chicago

August 17, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Oprah Winfrey earns hundreds of millions of dollars from her talk show, but for the next few days, she’ll be earning $17.20 a day. Called up for jury duty in Chicago, Winfrey reported to a South Side courthouse on Monday and was selected to serve on a murder trial. ”If I were [a lawyer], I wouldn’t pick me,” she told the Chicago Sun-Times in the courthouse lobby before her selection as a juror. ”I can have an open mind, but I’m really too opinionated.”

The trial is expected to last three days. ”I’m hoping it won’t take longer than a week,” Winfrey told reporters earlier in the day, ”because I’ve got shows to do.” Asked whether she thought any of the sordid details of a murder trial might faze her, she told the Chicago Tribune, ”Everything I could hear in a trial I’ve already heard on my show.” She added that, at the courthouse, ”I’ve met a lot of interesting people … and got some show ideas.”


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