Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
Updated August 13, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT


When I looked at the cover of EW my heart literally skipped a beat. The photo of Matt Damon was the best I have ever seen! I have always thought Damon was not only one of the best actors we have today but also the most handsome. He gives me the vapors. Thanks for a cover that I might even frame. Oh, one more thing. I know you probably expect this letter to be from an adoring female fan, but I am actually a 41-year-old gay male. Drooling over Matt Damon isn’t just for women, ya know! CHRIS SMITH ChrisSmithBoston@aol.com Boston

Many thanks for your insightful article on Matt Damon. His post-Oscar film choices have perhaps been questioned by critics but his fans appreciate the Everyman quality that Matt brings to each role he plays. He possesses a chameleonlike quality that will hopefully prevent him from being typecast and his honesty to his on-screen characters always shines through. Kudos to Matt for avoiding overexposure. (Insert Ben Affleck joke here…) LYNETTE CARRINGTON lynettecarrington@hotmail.com Gilbert, Ariz.


I couldn’t help but say a little ”woo hoo!” When I read your article on the fantastically peculiar adult swim lineup on the cartoon network (”The A Team”). Now more of your readers may experience some of the most exuberantly witty fare on the small screen. Though not part of the critical male demo (but rather a 33-year-old female), I’ve always been a fan of unconventional and bizarre cartoons and adult swim is the best place to find them! JENNIE EVASHENKO evashenkos@yahoo.com Mesa, Ariz.

I’m glad somebody finally recognized the achievements of the people at Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block. Your ”The A Team” article was a surprise and joy to read. I’ve been waiting for somebody to point out the success adult swim has had, not only in resurrecting the extremely funny ”Family Guy,” but more so for beating out late-night talk shows on broadcast television in key demographics! The fact that most media productions are ignoring the little block that could is shameful. CODY SILFIES discloner@animationinsider.net Portsmouth, R.I.


Thanks for including ”Mama’s Family” on your Guilty Pleasures list! With EW’s approval, I can now proudly come out of the closet and declare myself a fan! I have enjoyed this show for many years. The humor ranges from so-corny-it-makes-you-groan to sidesplittingly hilarious! Now how can we get it released on DVD? PATRICK M. HNIDKA pghmusiclover@yahoo.com Pittsburgh


Movies routinely display female nudity and straight and lesbian sex scenes, yet Colin Farrell (News & Notes) questions showing intimacy between men. Can he explain why epic movies include imagined steamy sex for couples in political marriages while denying even a kiss to male heroes in documented passionate relationships? Get a clue, Colin — men in love not only kiss, they f — -! To pretend otherwise on screen is dishonest. HENRY DUDEK dudekh@charter.net Madison, Wis.