Nicole Kidman, Birth
Credit: Birth: James Bridges
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Director Brian Glazer (who made 2001’s acclaimed ”Sexy Beast”) was struck by the idea for ”Birth” one day while preparing tea for a friend. He became so distracted by the concept that he never finished putting the kettle on to boil. The actual execution of the film turned out to be more complex than heating up water. A year and a half of production has been marred by delays and complications. ”It’s been a long haul,” Glazer admits of the reshoots and months of editing. ”The film needed to be thought about carefully, and I couldn’t join the dots.”

The dots are as follows: A widow (Nicole Kidman) is about to remarry (Danny Huston, who also stars in September’s ”Silver City”), when a child (played by Cameron Bright) approaches her and informs her that he is, in fact, older than he looks — way older. Turns out he’s her husband reincarnated. ”It’s about a woman who has yet to confront what she’s lost,” says Glazer. ”And this thing that she’s lost she finds in a child.” Despite the time issues, Glazer, who’s still in the editing room, says he hasn’t lost interest in the drama. ”It’s still growing and moving and changing,” he says. ”It’s been a tough one.”

What’s at stake The sophomore attempt of a lauded director, fronted by an A-list actress, ”Birth” needs to be better than a labor of love.

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  • Jonathan Glazer