''Seinfeld'' DVDs due Nov. 23. Accompanying the first three seasons on disc will be a host of extras, including salt and pepper shakers from Monk's

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Credit: Seinfeld: George Lang/Globe Photos

”Seinfeld” may have been the show about nothing, but the long-awaited DVD debut of the series is about something: It’s about 24 hours worth of bonus materials, to be exact. The discs are due on Nov. 23, with the first three seasons collected in two four-disc boxes. The Seasons 1 and 2 box (with 18 episodes) and the Season 3 box (with 22 episodes) will retail for $49.95 each, or you can buy all three seasons in a $119.95 gift set that includes such Sein-abilia as a script with handwritten notes by series co-creator Larry David and salt and pepper shakers from Monk’s diner. (What, no Pez dispenser?)

Extras include audio commentaries from the casts, an alternate version of the pilot episode, deleted scenes, blooper reels, and never-seen footage of Jerry’s stand-up act. It was the compiling of all these extras that made the DVDs slow in coming, not the negotiations with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards. Last December, the three supporting actors held out for profit participation in the DVD sales before agreeing to contribute commentary tracks. Those negotiations ”lasted about two minutes,” series executive producer Howard West told the Hollywood Reporter. It also took time to digitally remaster all the episodes in high-definition format, said Columbia Tri-Star Home Video president Ben Feingold.

It may take another three years to release the remaining six seasons, West told USA Today. At least the first 40 episodes will be out in time for Festivus gift shopping.

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