Letters from our readers -- Check out who agreed with us, and who didn't

By EW Staff
Updated August 06, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Brando Recognition

The one and only time I have written to EW was to compliment you on the memorial cover of Katharine Hepburn. Well, you’ve done it again with the Marlon Brando cover! So that’s what the stink was all about — he was gorgeous! I am not old enough to have seen Brando in his younger years, so I never understood what the big deal was. Evidently he was a hunk of burning love! Congratulations on another breathtaking cover. GINI BUCHANAN Auntiegin55@aol.com Bakersfield, Calif.

I thought Lisa Schwarzbaum did a wonderful job on the article about Marlon Brando’s early years, capturing his inner feelings and work — making him a superstar and human at the same time. She also did a great job summing up the way he involuntarily influenced Hollywood as we know it today. KIM NESTER evenstarfaith04@yahoo.com New Eagle, Pa.

I am sadly disappointed in you, EW. Your cover story read more like a Marlon Brando bashing than a tribute. Why would your writers craft such a biased and cynical eulogy to ”honor” an American legend? I will, however, preserve the cover. The photograph you chose captured the very essence of Brando as I will remember him: sexy rebel, creative genius, and humble revolutionary. SUSAN CICCHINO sc4oscar@worldnet.att.net Burbank

Thanks for the nice article and cool cover picture of the great Marlon Brando. However, regarding your list of top 10 Brando films, all I can say is ”The Horror, The Horror.” Including such borefests as ”A Countess From Hong Kong” and ”Burn!” is bad enough, but leaving off apocalypse now, maybe the greatest movie of all time, is unforgivable. JOHN GOINS johncgo@sbcglobal.net San Bruno, Calif.

Thank you for the excellent remembrance of Marlon Brando — especially for the summary of each of his films. I was pleasantly surprised to see ”The Chase” and ”Burn!” included on your notation of his 10 best films — always two of my favorites and unfortunately two of Brando’s most overlooked performances. I was even more surprised that the issue with a cover dedicated to Brando also contained a letter complaining about not having a cover to recognize Ronald Reagan’s death. Need we be reminded that this is ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY? Brando was an amazing actor. Had Reagan not gone on to be an overrated President, who would even remember he had been an actor? ERIC SIMIONE Simdog410@aol.com Boardman, Ohio

I strongly disagree with the reader who complained about you not placing Ronald Reagan (instead of Tom Hanks) on your June 18 cover. Reagan’s strongest legacy does not lie within his acting — but within his presidency. EW is an entertainment magazine, not a political publication. If that reader wants to see our former president on the cover, she should look to TIME and NEWSWEEK, NOT EW. SHERRY L. BALE skipunkgirl@aol.com Chicago

The Hit Maker

I loved Dalton Ross’ take on The Hit List (News & Notes). It’s one of the few times that I’ve laughed out loud at a piece in a magazine, not counting my regular guffaws at his commentary in the television section. Please keep him gainfully employed. CHEL MICHELINE chelm@gingerblue.com Marco Island, Fla.