For U2 lightning strikes three times - U2 lost a master copy of their coming new CD...again

By EW Staff
Updated July 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Third time’s the charm? Last week, a demo CD for U2’s next record (due this fall) was reported missing after a photo shoot in Nice, France. While the CD isn’t the only copy, the possibility of Internet leaks has U2’s U.K. label, Universal Music, worried. Could be bad news for Bono and the boys. But they should know better: This is U2’s third trip to the land of lost and found.

1990 While U2 was recording ”Achtung Baby” in Berlin, a slew of rehearsal tapes were stolen from the studio. Within months, bootleggers were selling copies of the in-progress album, offering fans a rare glimpse into the band’s songwriting process.

1999 A laptop containing all the lyrics of what would become ”All That You Can’t Leave Behind” was snatched from Bono’s car. Ripe for cheesy headlines — ”Bono Still Can’t Find What He’s Looking For!” — the crisis was averted when a Good Samaritan who’d purchased the hot computer returned it to the singer.