Spike Lee: Five things that make me mad. The outspoken director of ''She Hate Me'' points a finger at Bush, Enron, and Martha Stewart

By Liane Bonin
Updated July 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Spike Lee: Sarah Lee/eyevine/ZUMA Press/NewsCom
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In his new film, ”She Hate Me” (in limited release), Spike Lee tells the tale of an unemployed corporate whistleblower who becomes a reluctant sperm donor for a lesbian clientele. Despite the wacky plot, this is hardly a light comedy. ”The blueprint of this film was to jam pack as many issues within the allotted time as we could,” says Lee, 47, who skewered big business and crooked politicians in the movie. EW.com decided to give the always-controversial filmmaker a little more time to vent about what he thinks is wrong with the world. Martha Stewart, watch your back. — Liane Bonin

MARTHA STEWART You know I have a problem with her because she compared herself to [former South African president and activist Nelson] Mandela. If I was the judge, I’d say, you get a year just for that! She said, ”If Mandela can do 27 years, I can do five months.” Come on!

RACE IN HOLLYWOOD If you look at the films that studios make for African American audiences, I think that their vision of African Americans is very limiting. I know for sure if ”Soul Plane” had been a hit, there would have been ”Soul Plane 2.” But let’s not put everything on that movie; I was disturbed before ”Soul Plane.” Yes, there have been advancements in Hollywood [for people of color], but I still am sad that there’s not one African American who’s in the position at a network or studio to green light a picture.

She Hate Me

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