July 30, 2004 at 12:00 PM EDT

1 Matching shirts (see ”The Amazing Race 5”, above) on adults are never cute.

2 For the love of Julie Chen, don’t fashion nasty-ass headbands out of T-shirt sleeves a la the ”Big Brother” boys.

3 Punk things up, like ”The Real World”’s Frankie. But please keep the Hello Kitty items to a minimum.

4 Shame on ”The Great Domestic Showdown”’s Steve for letting his client wear that hoochie belly-baring wedding frock.

5 Okay, he’s not a contestant, but don’t make like reality pooh-bah Mark Burnett and go commando in your loafers. As for his cheesy shirts? Crockett and Tubbs bit it long ago.

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