By Paul Katz
Updated July 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Back in 1996 ”X-Files” creator Chris Carter had some serious Y2K issues. How else to explain his series Millennium, following retired FBI profiler Frank Black (Henriksen, below), who moves with his wife and daughter to Seattle and joins the Millennium Group, a shadowy consortium of former law enforcement personnel? Using an innate ability to ”see” into the minds of the men he hunts, Black strives for nothing less than to prevent ”anarchy loosed upon the world.” Cheery stuff. Despite the unapologetic bleakness of the material and a serial-murderer-of-the-week format, it’s the haunting turn by craggy-faced Henriksen that’s the real killer.

EXTRAS Carter and regular director David Nutter offer little illumination on the commentaries. Far more intriguing — and frightening — is the minidoc ”Chasing the Dragon,” about the real-life profiler squad on which the show is based