Award-winning A-listers are ready for their close-ups in cinematic cosmetics commercials.

By Michelle Kung
July 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

She’s already squeezed out sad, solitary tears for us on the big screen and pouted back at us from magazine covers. Now, Scarlett Johansson will join Halle Berry and Julianne Moore in the pantheon of emoting A-listers appearing in… makeup mini-movies?

Actually, ”heightened reality dramas” is how these luxe spots from cosmetics giants Revlon (Berry, Moore) and Calvin Klein (Johansson) are being described. The ads, which range from two minutes to 15 seconds, mix showy, big-screen-style shots of their spokescelebs with just a hint of promotion (a dropped Revlon lipstick, say, in one noirish ad).

Helmed by Oscar nominee Scott Hicks (”Shine”), the Revlon vignettes also star Eva Mendes and Jaime King and can be seen not only on TV and in print, but also attached to film trailers. As can the campaign for Calvin Klein’s peony and pomegranate Eternity Moment fragrance, which features Johansson and ”How to Deal” hottie Trent Ford as a couple who meet cute and fall in love.

”Young people today are pretty ad-savvy,” says Johansson, whose Calvin Klein spot (directed by veteran fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh) will debut in September. ”It’s refreshing to reach them with something that tells a story.” Stories that can be told in two minutes or less, that is.