EW's critic discusses the wonder of TV shows on DVD. Ken Tucker answers reader questions and you can post your own

By Ken Tucker
July 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW’s critic discusses the wonder of TV shows on DVD

I’ve always heard that episodic shows like ”Law & Order” and ”CSI” lend themselves better to syndication than serialized shows like ”Alias” and ”24,” and that this contributes to the proliferation of such shows on the networks. I’m wondering if the popularity of TV shows on DVD might lead to a reversal of this trend. — Grace Lee
Grace, you’ve hit on a trend I sure do notice. My friends rent or buy whole seasons of anything from ”The Sopranos” to ”Party of Five” on DVD and watch their ongoing plots unfold in marathon couch sessions. The profits from DVD sales have already resulted in the revival of ”Family Guy” and may soon extend to serialized dramas (the upcoming transformation of the witty ”Farscape” into a miniseries is also a good example). This can only make for livelier television.

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