Can Bryan Singer save ''Superman''? ''X-Men'' director Bryan Singer has signed on to direct a new ''Superman'' movie -- but will that be the end of the X-movies?
Bryan Singer
Credit: Bryan Singer: Paul Fenton-KPA/ZUMA Press/NewsCom

Can Bryan Singer save ”Superman”?

”Superman” fans have a new hero in director Bryan Singer, who’s agreed to step in and save the last son of Krypton’s new movie from development hell. But Singer’s decision may make him a villain to fans of a rival comic book franchise. After directing two smash ”X-Men” movies, Singer’s involvement with ”Superman” is likely to keep him from ”X-Men 3,” which was set for a May 2006 release, according to Variety. Plus, Singer is reportedly taking ”X2” screenwriters Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty with him to Metropolis, which means the X-franchise might have to start over with a new creative team.

Do you think the trade-off is worth it? Will Bryan Singer’s Superman be good enough to justify leaving the X-Men behind? And what do you hope to see in each movie?

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