Janet Leigh on original ''Manchurian Candidate'' -- The actress discusses the 1962 film in light of its DVD release and 2004 remake


With Jonathan Demme’s ”Manchurian Candidate” in theatres July 30, the sweet, sexy gal from the original talked to EW about the 1962 film, the remake, and what that surreal train scene is all about.

What made The Manchurian Candidate so special?

I just remember the complete newness of what director John Frankenheimer did. His technique of the garden party turning into the Chinese military was brilliant.

What’s really going on in that scene on the train when you meet Frank Sinatra?

You can’t tell whether I’m crazy or the bad guy or the good guy or what. John said it was the most difficult scene because Frank and Larry Harvey have had 20 minutes to capture the audience, and I’ve got 20 seconds.

Are you ready for the remake?

I’m very interested in seeing how they play it. My only question is, in 1962, this was so innovative and so unacceptable in the audience’s mind. Are people too sophisticated for it now?

The Manchurian Candidate (Movie - 1962)

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  • PG-13
  • 127 minutes
  • John Frankenheimer