CBS rehires ''CSI'''s Jorja Fox. She'll be back at work next week, under her old salary, but fired costar George Eads' fate remains uncertain

By Gary Susman
Updated July 23, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Jorja Fox: Lorenzo Agius

Next time, she’ll use a fax machine. Despite a mix-up involving a missing missive, fired ”CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” costar Jorja Fox is back on the job. There’s no official word from CBS, but a source close to the show tells that Fox will be back at work next week, and under her old salary. No word yet, however, on whether CBS will also welcome back her fired costar, George Eads. Both had blamed their firings on misunderstandings and had denied that they were holding out for more money.

Fox, who plays investigator Sara Sidle, was fired on July 14, the day before production was to begin, with CBS citing her failure to return a signed pledge saying that she would not miss work as a negotiating ploy to get a raise. (Both Fox and Eads were earning a reported $100,000 per episode.) Her reps told Variety that she had signed the pledge but had sent it through the mail. Whether or not she was agitating for more money,’s source said, ”There will be no more renegotiations.”

Eads, who was fired July 15 for failure to appear on the set, claimed a similar gaffe, telling reporters on Wednesday that he merely overslept, and that he had not been bucking for a raise. He said he had tried to contact CBS chief Les Moonves several times to apologize but that he’d found Moonves as hard to reach as the unseen boss in ”Charlie’s Angels.” CBS declined’s request for comment on Eads’ status, but Variety reports that Eads has been negotiating with CBS executives to return to his role as investigator Nick Stokes. We’re guessing that, if he’s rehired, he won’t get a raise either, though maybe CBS will chip in to buy Eads an alarm clock.