What shows got better with age? EW critic Ken Tucker answers reader questions

By Ken Tucker
July 16, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Felicity: John Seakwood

What shows got better with age?

Most TV shows seem to peter out creatively after four or five years. Can you think of any shows that significantly improved later in their runs? — Eric Alan

Plots and characters tend to become repetitive even faster than you mention, Eric. But both the ”Dick Van Dyke Show” and the ”Mary Tyler Moore Show” held up well, as did the original ”Fugitive.” ”Friends,” to me, got funnier 10 years on. Among the shows of briefer life spans that I think got better are ”thirtysomething” (which took a while to find its ”voice”) and ”Felicity” (a series that could easily have become treacly but stayed sharp and witty).

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