Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
Updated July 16, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT


Would have thought you would put Tom Hanks in the corner instead of a beloved former president. Guess not. RHONDA C. ELSAESSER Fort Drum, N.Y.

The greatest President we have ever had dies and you put him up in the corner of the cover. His beautiful, friendly face should have been the cover. I love Tom Hanks but his cover could have waited. You should have honored President Ronald Reagan better than you did. VIRGINIA BOYCE Mamacakes1@aol.com Red Lion, Pa.

Whenever someone famous dies, EW must run an obligatory complaint from an angry reader who thinks the deceased deserved more coverage or even the cover. So I’ll do it this time. How dare you put Tom Hanks on the cover instead of Reagan? There, that should satisfy the people who think EW needs to do a cover story on every single Hollywood-related death. GREG SAWYER sawyergreg@yahoo.com Cleveland


”Donnie Darko” is probably one of the most overlooked films and does have a devoted group of fans, but to lump it in with other so-called cult films does it a disservice (”After Darko”). Sure it warrants repeat viewing, but unlike, say, ”The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” ”Darko” stays with you long after the movie is over. I’m literally moved to tears every time I watch it. Thank you to Richard Kelly for a beautiful film that doesn’t rely on car chases or explosions to tell a good story. J SCOTT CARMACK toriandlogansdaddy@msn.com Tracy, Calif.


I can’t help but be amused by the uproar caused by ”Saved!” (”They’re No Angels”). After years of watching various religious groups present extreme visions of lifestyles not in accordance with their views as truth, these same groups now cry foul because of a movie that shows what is usually lacking in their presentations: compassion. I am thrilled not only by Brian Dannelly’s success but also by his ability to present his characters on both sides of the issue as good-hearted people who are human. I found myself caring about every character’s predicament, including the villain’s. LARRY WATTS Pres2go@aol.com Marietta, Ga.


With all the hype that has surrounded ”Fahrenheit 9/11,” I’m not surprised Michael Moore has been the latest man of the hour in the entertainment world (News & Notes). But how about giving fair coverage to both ”Fahrenheit 9/11” and new filmmaker Michael Wilson’s documentary ”Michael Moore Hates America,” still struggling to make its way into theaters? Give Wilson (no relation) the attention he deserves for daring to stand up to Moore’s flawed view of contemporary America. SARA WILSON Stringz13@aol.com Naperville, Ill.

Week after week of seeing the socialist/capitalist Michael Moore, who has now capitalized on two of America’s most gruesome tragedies (Columbine and 9/11), and other performers bash our president in your magazine, it was nice to see some praise for a conservative Republican President (Ronald Reagan). However, I wonder if the only good conservative, according to much of Hollywood, is a deceased conservative? ANTHONY J. PRELLWITZ katony@hutchtel.net Buffalo Lake, Minn.