Ali G iz happy dat ''Show'' iz back, yo -- The comic discusses the second season of his cutting-edge celebrity interview and social commentary vehicle on HBO

By Joshua Rich
July 16, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Da Ali G Show

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Hear me now, geezers. Dis bruvva, Ali G, and his boys, Kazakhstani transplant Borat and Austrian fashion maven Bruno, return to HBO July 18 for the second season of ”Da Ali G Show”’s irreverent celebrity interviews and cutting-edge social commentary. EW natters wiv dis one-of-a-kind MC — a.k.a. British comic Sacha Baron Cohen. Boyakasha!

What can we expect this season?

Me iz well happy dat I iz got a new show on HBO. Dem gave me $200,000, which dem said dis time dem wanted to see on de screen. Which iz why I iz secretly filmed all de strippaz dat me spent it on.

How is the U.S. different from your home, the U.K.?

Well, dere’s a lot more gun crime in de U.S., crack iz more havailable, and de porn is a lot more hardcore. But dere iz also some fings about it dat me don’t like.

Madonna is an old friend of yours. Now that you are famous in the U.S., do you think you will adopt an American accent, just like she adopted a British one?

No, me will halwayz speak in de accent dat iz been spoken for hundredz of years in me hood in England: Jamaican.

Are you scoring more with the ladies now?

F’real, on Friday night honeyz woz throwin’ demselves at me when me woz walkin’ down Hollywood Boulevard. And dese girls weren’t just rough old dogz — one of dem said she used to date Hugh Grant.

Do you find it hard to be taken seriously as a black man in Hollywood?

F’real, it’s tough bein’ a bruvva in Hollywood. When me got for hauditionz, de white-boy directorz alwayz tell me de same rubbish hexcuses. ”U can’t act.” ”U can barely read de script.” ”Dat’s a Chinese accent, not an American one.” But we all know wot dey really meanz: ”Honkies only.”

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