New ''Night of the Living Dead'' sequel planned -- George Romero will direct a fourth installment of his zombie epic

By Brian Hiatt
Updated July 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

For horror auteur George Romero, three zombie movies just weren’t enough. The director will return to the saga he started with 1968’s ”Night of the Living Dead” in the upcoming sequel ”Land of the Dead,” according to Variety. Romero’s last entry in the series was 1985’s ”Day of the Dead” (he wasn’t directly involved with this year’s Sarah Polley-starring hit remake of his second ”Dead” film, 1978’s ”Dawn of the Dead”). In ”Land of the Dead,” the flesh-eating dead folk rule the world, while the living huddle in armored buildings or struggle to survive on the streets, according to Variety.

Romero told the horror magazine Fangoria that he hopes to keep his trademark extreme gore in the film, but that he may have to cut back to achieve an R rating. ” I don’t think they’ll want to go NC-17,” he told the magazine. ”But they’re gonna let me shoot the film the way I want to, and they’ll let me do the cutbacks for release. Hopefully the fans will still show up, and then see the [unrated] edition later on video.” Sounds like a dead-on prediction.