Courtney Love is hospitalized again. Despite reports of a terminated pregnancy for the singer, who still faces an outstanding arrest warrant, she may not have been pregnant at all

By Gary Susman
Updated July 14, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Courtney Love was released from New York’s Bellevue Hospital on Monday night, after a weekend stay, only to be admitted to a private medical facility, her criminal attorney, Michael Rosenstein, told Reuters. He said he knew neither the clinic’s type nor the condition for which she was being treated. The singer’s publicist, Jill Fritzo, told the New York Daily News and MTV news that Love was at an ”undisclosed location.”

Love’s civil attorney, Robert Ring, told a Santa Monica court on Tuesday that Love had been placed in an East Coast ”institution,” and that a legal guardian had been appointed for her, Reuters reports. (He’s representing her in a lawsuit filed against her by a previous law firm that claims she still owes legal fees.)

On Friday, Love’s 40th birthday and the day she was served with a bench warrant for her failure to appear at her Los Angeles arraignment on an assault charge, Love was taken from her New York apartment to Bellevue, where she was treated for what Rosenstein said in a statement was a ”gynecological medical condition” and ”not a suicide attempt, not drug-related, not drug-overdose-related.” According to the New York Times, emergency service workers said that the 911 call from Love’s apartment indicated that she had either miscarried or had had an abortion the previous day. However, both the Daily News and MTV cite sources close to Love as saying that medical tests conducted at Bellevue proved she hadn’t been pregnant.

Rosenstein said Love had missed Friday’s court date, in which she was to answer a charge that she attacked a woman with a bottle and a flashlight in April, because of confusion over her many pending cases in Los Angeles and New York, some of which include court dates that do not require her presence. He said she was eager to return to California and defend herself against the charge. Still, even with her hospitalization on Monday, last week’s bench warrant remains in effect, but neither the Los Angeles police nor the New York police has moved to enforce it and take her into custody.