Letterman will produce ''Strangers With Candy.'' Dave says he's backing the movie because Amy Sedaris is one of the few people who makes him laugh

By Gary Susman
July 13, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
David Letterman: JP Filo
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David Letterman is dipping his toe into the movie business. Variety reports that he’ll make his debut as a film producer on ”Strangers With Candy: The Movie,” the adaptation of the Comedy Central cult hit that has been shooting in New York for a couple weeks. Letterman decided to back the film in response to a pitch from ”Candy” co-creator and star Amy Sedaris, who’s been a frequent guest on Dave’s ”Late Show.” ”Amy Sedaris is one of a handful of folks who actually make me laugh,” Letterman said in a statement. ”I have no doubt her film will be as appealingly peculiar and funny as she is.”

The film is based on the late-’90s sitcom about Jerri Blank (Sedaris), a high school student who yearns to be popular, despite the fact that she’s a frumpy, middle-aged ex-convict. Also in the film are series co-creators Paul Dinello (who’s directing) and ”Daily Show” correspondent Stephen Colbert. In a March report, the Hollywood Reporter said that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick would play cameos, marking the couple’s first appearance in the same film. TV Guide reported that she’s playing a sexy French teacher, while his character reportedly comes between two teachers who are gay lovers. Next stop (probably): ”Strangers With Candy: The Musical.”

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