By EW Staff
Updated July 12, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Drew Daniel: Tony Esparza

Meet ”Big Brother 5”’s Drew

AGE 22

FROM Urbana, Ohio

OCCUPATION Recent college grad

WHAT HE SAYS Frat boy Drew claims women — as well as his own reflection — are his biggest distractions: ”If we have one bathroom and one mirror, I’ve been told that I take a while to get ready.”

WHAT WE SAY You’d expect charmer Drew to pony up to the ladies in the hopes of scoring lasting alliances. Instead he’s formed an alpha-male coalition with Jase, Scott, and Michael — they call themselves ”the Four Horsemen.” Don’t bet on this stallion, though: Drew could be thrown once the alliance inevitably falls apart. (Remember how ”Big Brother 4”’s Jun and Alison easily dissolved a similar all-male teaming?)