A chat with Jason Priestley and a drag queen -- The ex-''90210'' actor and Charles Busch talk about ''Die Mommie Die,'' which was just released on DVD

By Erin Richter
Updated July 09, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Summer ”camp” doesn’t get more fun than ”Die Mommie Die!,” a bright send-up of early-’60s grande-dame horror flicks. And the polar-opposite leads — drag performer-playwright Charles Busch (as a matriarchal murder suspect) and former tween king Jason Priestley (her boy toy) — got along just swimmingly!

Busch This was my first screen kiss. I was nervous, Jason said, ”Okay, dude, this is what we’re going to do.” He’s a real pro.

Priestley But for the first time, I got beard burn! Now I can appreciate when my fiancee complains.

Busch Jason, when they said Angela was being played by a guy, for all you knew I might have been a 400-pound drag queen.

Priestley You’re right. But that might have been funny, too!

Busch I’m trying to find other vehicles for us. Pierre and Marie Curie? Or the Bible’s big. We could be Abraham and Sarah. [Priestley cracks up] That might get an Oscar! Get your people working on it!

Die Mommie Die

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  • 90 minutes
  • Mark Rucker