Michelle Branch marries her bass player -- She weds Teddy Landau just days before her 21st birthday


On Wednesday, Michelle Branch performed in New York at a private party to mark the launch of her new ”Flirt!” line of nail polish and lip color products, but it wasn’t Branch’s fingernails that were getting the attention. Rather, people were looking a couple inches away, at the new wedding band on her ring finger.

The rocker confirmed Wednesday to TV’s ”Entertainment Tonight” that she recently married her bass player, Teddy Landau. No details on when or where the wedding took place, though in a posting on her website two weeks ago she hinted at big news that she couldn’t yet divulge. Maybe she was talking about ”Flirt!,” a new Estée Lauder line of cosmetics designed by a new pop culture figure every six months (Branch is the first guest). Or maybe she was talking about her plans for celebrating her 21st birthday, which is Friday. Let’s see, she’s released two albums, toured all over, designed a cosmetics line, and gotten married — but she hasn’t yet taken a legal drink. So there’s still something to look forward to.