Rick Hilton: Dimitrios Kambouris-Fashion Wire Daily/AP
June 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Paris Hilton’s sister Nicky and her dog Tinkerbell may soon be the only members of the family who don’t have their own reality shows. Variety reports that the ”Simple Life” star’s father, Rick Hilton, is pitching his own show to networks called ”777,” after the winning combination on a slot machine. To cast the show, Hilton is seeking seven ”whales,” Las Vegas high rollers, who would each ante up $1 million to participate in several episodes worth of gambling contests. The ultimate winner would take home the $7 million kitty.

Co-producing ”777” are Hilton and partner Jason Hervey (best known for playing bratty big brother Wayne on ”The Wonder Years”), who are also producing NBC’s upcoming ”The Good Life,” in which Kathy Hilton (Rick’s wife and Paris’ mom) will turn hayseeds into Manhattan socialites. Hervey and Rick Hilton are also currently scouting for Vegas hotels where the show could be based. Hmm, who do we know who’s affiliated with a famous hotel chain?

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