June 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Well, if Space Ghost can host his own talk show, why not space refugee Alf? The 1980s sitcom alien will get his chance behind the desk on July 7 when TV Land airs the optimistically titled ”Alf’s Hit Talk Show.” The smartass extraterrestrial, who resurfaced in recent years as a phone service commercial pitchcreature, has even coaxed another NBC figure out of retirement to serve as his second banana: 81-year-old ”Tonight Show” mainstay Ed McMahon. Alf’s guests include Dennis Franz, Drew Carey, Joan Rivers, and Henry Winkler.

Of TV Land’s decision to give him a platform, the feline-flesh-fancying alien said in a statement, ”They have demonstrated superb taste by giving me my own show and it’s humbling that they recognize my unequaled genius.” Of course, for the rerun-driven nostalgia channel, the show is a one-shot, a lead-in that will kick off a marathon of old ”Alf” episodes from the sitcom’s 1986-90 run. Of course, if ”Alf’s Hit Talk Show” really is a hit, it could be the pilot for an ongoing series. America, lock up your cats.

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