'Will & Grace'' scene stealer -- Megan Mullally -- The Must List 2004

By EW Staff
June 25, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

AGE 45
MUSTWORTHINESS After six seasons, four Emmy nods, and a statuette, Mullally’s enormously entertaining portrayal of hard-drinking diva Karen Walker is the reason to keep watching ”Will & Grace.” This year, she carried an additional load, so to speak, in pregnant costar Debra Messing’s frequent absence.
ON HER MUST LIST Tom Waits and Randy Newman. ”They’re absolute individualists who never compromise their voice to have a hit record or song when they certainly could.”
WORST JOB ”I was a shoe model at a show in Chicago when I was 22. People would come in and I’d have to, like, try on a shoe for them. It was really fetishistic and kind of scary. I wasn’t exactly sure why they wanted to see the shoe on me. There was a little bit of a gray area there.”
WILL & GUEST ”I wasn’t sure about Cher’s [appearance]. They flew her in. Like, she was sort of dropped in on a crescent moon, she did the scene, and was, like, airlifted back out. And when I met her she was in her full Cher Land drag, so I didn’t get to experience her as a person.”
HOW SHE KEEPS KAREN FRESH ”I’ve always felt that at her core, she’s relatively untroubled and really happy. She’s just along for the ride, and she’s actually trying to do the right thing, even though it may not come off like that at times.”
NEXT ”Will & Grace”’s seventh season; touring with her band, Supreme Music Program.