Which actor is spilling Hollywood beans online? EW takes a look at possible actors who could be the secret blogger

By Paul Katz
Updated June 25, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

An anonymous weblog by self-proclaimed A-list actor ”Rance” has been dishing ribald Hollywood stories since last December. The supposed celeb has observers feverishly speculating on his true identity. EW slogged through the blog (captainhoof.tripod.com/blog) and uncovered hidden clues that point to the mystery man.

Could It Be George Clooney?

Blog Reveals… Sailed the Mediterranean, partying with actor friends. At the same time, Clooney was carousing with pals, filming ”Ocean’s Twelve.” But Still… One entry ridiculed the ”synthetic” nature of Brad Pitt’s ”Troy.” Hard to believe a man who donned a nippled, ab-sculpted Batsuit would mock artificiality.

Could It Be Jim Carrey?

Blog Reveals… Rance says he won and lost at the Golden Globes. Carrey has too, winning for ”The Truman Show” and ”Man on the Moon” and losing for three, including ”The Mask.” But Still… An item admits to admiration of Joan Rivers. Could the elastic-faced comic really appreciate such shoddy work in plastic?

Could It Be Ben Affleck?

Blog Reveals… The answer to a posted Shakespearean brainteaser was ”V.O.” — the same initials Affleck, who appeared in ”Shakespeare in Love,” has tattooed on his back! But Still… Rance’s favorite extracurricular activities include drinking, women, and gambling. Ben hates all those things.

Could It Be Owen Wilson?

Blog Reveals… A belief in the power of witches and the occult. Wilson delved into the spirit world for his role in ”The Haunting,” a spooky thriller. But Still… Nope, it must actually be Wilson. Clearly, the man was possessed — it’s the only way to explain teaming up with Eddie Murphy for ”I Spy.”