Paris Hilton will star in National Lampoon campus comedy -- In ''Pledge This!,'' she'll play a snobby sorority president

By Gary Susman
Updated June 25, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Paris Hilton: Sam Jones

Paris Hilton’s going to star in another raunchy movie, one you’ll be able to see at the multiplex. Variety reports that she’ll play her first starring role in a feature film in ”National Lampoon’s Pledge This!,” portraying the snobby president of a sorority at fictional South Beach University, an elitist Greek house which some misfit freshman girls are trying to pledge. Talking to the New York Post, producer Juan Carlos Zapata describes the movie as ”’Animal House’ meets ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ with ‘American Pie’ humor.”

The independently financed feature, which shoots in Miami in August, will mark the biggest film role to date for the ”Simple Life” star, who’s had cameos in such movies as ”Raising Helen” and who plays a supporting role in the recently wrapped horror remake ”House of Wax.” But Zapata says he’s sure she can carry a picture. ”As the sorority motto is ‘Be Perfect,’ we knew there was no one better for the lead role than Paris,” he told the Post.