Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
Updated June 25, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘Darko’ Angel

”You need to prepare a girl for your Jake Gyllenhaal cover. Who needs global warming? That will melt anything.” DAWNA LEETH Clearwater, Fla.

Just a quick message to say how happy I am that you featured Jake Gyllenhaal on your cover. It’s about time this guy got some good publicity to prove to people just how talented an actor he is! it’s just unfortunate how long it has taken for his big breakthrough. ”Donnie Darko” was amazing, and let’s not forget ”Moonlight Mile.” Well done! STEFANIE INGRAM x_stef_x@hotmail.com Redditch, U.K.

Just one word about the cover of your June 4 issue: Yum. JUDITH PERRY dulligirl66@hotmail.com Charlotte, N.C.

Wow! That’s all I have to say about the June 4 cover. I almost fell off my chair when I was looking through the mail. This is your absolute best picture of any actor or person, and you have had some great people on your covers. But nothing beats Jake Gyllenhaal soaking wet in not one but two photographs. He’s such a great actor and is now coming into the spotlight after the cult hits ”Donnie Darko” and ”Bubble Boy.” RACHEL STRASSBERGER rake713@hotmail.com Tulsa

Recipe for Disaster

I thoroughly enjoyed the photo gallery of Dennis Quaid on your website, and, as mentioned in the issue featuring ”The Day After Tomorrow,” I echo Roland Emmerich’s sentiments in his rediscovering of Quaid (”Flirting With Disaster”). I wish you would have given him the same honor in your magazine as on your website. Instead I had to look at the ”let’s make all the teens squeal” photos of an up-and-coming actor who pales in comparison to the talent and sex appeal of his veteran costar. CANDACE POLLOCK vwmantid@hotmail.com Columbus, Ohio

Looking over your list of the 10 best disaster movie moments of all time, I couldn’t help but notice a glaring omission. A film that can be regarded as the granddaddy of all disaster films, a film about the worst possible disaster: the end of the earth. and what am I talking about? ”When Worlds Collide,” a classic sci-fi film of the 1950s. How could you have missed it? JAMES BOCCHINO jamesbobo@aol.com Bloomfield, N.J.

Viewer’s Discretion

”Angel,” ”Miss Match,” ”Wonderfalls,” ”The District,” ”The Guardian,” ”Jake 2.0,” and ”Karen Sisco” — all gone, so I am gone too. What the six network honchos do not realize is that once you lose viewers, they rarely come back (”you win some, you lose some”). The viewers who leave will find other things to do, because network TV has deserted them. I’m proud to say that I’ve never watched a reality show, including ”American Idol” and ”The Apprentice.” And I never will! PAM CONATY psoaplover@earthlink.net Huntington, W. Va.

The Madgician

Just when I thought Madonna couldn’t be more vapid and insignificant, she embarks on her Re-Invention Tour and proves me wrong (”Mother Of Reinvention”). You gotta hand it to the old broad — she’s full of surprises! WALTER HAWKINS wrhawkins@nyc.rr.com New York City