By EW Staff
Updated June 25, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

MUST GET: Skull jewelry

MUST STOP: Flat irons
MUST GET: Big ”Barbarella” hair (a la Kate Beckinsale)

MUST STOP: Baby blue and pink
MUST GET: Green and yellow

MUST STOP: Insane no-carbing
MUST GET: A sandwich

MUST STOP: Hard Tail workout gear
MUST GET: Lululemon Athletica

MUST STOP: Incessant cell phoning
MUST GET: Manners

MUST STOP: Mischa Barton style
MUST GET: Samaire Armstrong style

MUST STOP: Von Dutch trucker hats
MUST GET: Eugenia Kim head scarves

MUST STOP: Faux Chanel jackets
MUST GET: Marc by Marc Jacobs bombers

MUST STOP: Crocheted shawls
MUST GET: Summer cashmere ponchos (

MUST STOP: High white-trashin’ (see Paris Hilton)
MUST GET: Ethnic-bohemian

MUST STOP: Chrome Hearts diamond-encrusted shades
MUST GET: Oversize shields

MUST STOP: Freakishly bleached teeth
MUST GET: A toothbrush

MUST STOP: Red string kabbalah bracelets
MUST GET: Chloe leather cuffs

MUST STOP: Hummers. (Please.)
MUST GET: Hybrid cars

MUST STOP: Statement tees (Goddess, Bitch)
MUST GET: Japanese art tees (

MUST STOP: Stilettos
MUST GET: Platforms and wedgies (a la Louis Vuitton)

MUST STOP: Juicy Couture sweat suits
MUST GET: American Apparel mesh tracksuits