EW compares Hanks and Coleman's survival skills -- EW compares who did a better job roughing it -- Tom Hanks in an airport ''Terminal'' or Gary Coleman ''On the Right Track'' in a train station

By Paul Katz
June 25, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Long before Tom Hanks touched down for an extended stay at JFK airport in ”The Terminal,” Gary Coleman’s runaway set up house in a Chicago train station in 1981’s movie ”On the Right Track.” Who’s better at transit-hub living?

ROOM WITH NO VIEW Tom’s man-without-a-country bunks down on a set of chairs at Gate 67. Nice, but Gary’s converted storage lockers — with air-conditioning! — are larger than most big-city apartments.

GOOD EATS Tom’s first Big Apple bite is at a concourse Burger King, while Gary chows on deep-dish pizza. It’s fast-food fare vs. a Chicago classic. Tom, you’re giving us agita.

RISKY BUSINESS Gary runs a successful porter service — until he’s beaten and robbed. Ouch. We’ll stick with Tom’s under-the-table construction job. Not paying taxes to Uncle Sam? The American dream!

WINNER Tom’s an adept airport denizen, but Gary takes the travel-lodging prize.