Mary-Kate Olsen enters treatment facility. Mary-Kate has begun treatment for what a source close to her says is an eating disorder

By Brian Hiatt
June 22, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Mary-Kate Olsen: Chris Polk/AP

Mary-Kate Olsen has entered a treatment facility for help with a ”health-related issue,” her publicist tells A source close to the actress adds that the issue in question is an eating disorder. ”She dealt with this head-on, in the way she deals with all aspects of her life,” her publicist, Michael Pagnotta, tells ”It’s a very difficult thing that she’s going through, and she has everyone’s support.” Olsen’s increasingly slender appearance in recent months had sparked speculation, but she had never publicly acknowledged a problem.

Pagnotta tells that Mary-Kate still plans to join her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, at New York University this fall. After years of straight-to-video movies, she and Ashley recently starred in their second theatrical film, ”New York Minute.” They also hosted ”Saturday Night Live,” where Ashley referenced eating-disorder rumors in a skit where she played a paparazzo.