Five things you should know about ''Outback Jack.'' Meet Vadim Dale, the hunky bachelor of TBS' new reality dating show

By Brian Hiatt
June 22, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Outback Jack

He climbs glaciers, jumps out of planes, and — to borrow the words of Derek Zoolander — is really, really good-looking. Meet Vadim Dale, the tanned, blue-eyed star of the new TBS series ”Outback Jack,” which transports ”The Bachelor” to the wilds of Australia. In the show, 12 American women parachute into the Outback — in evening gowns and heels, no less — to compete for the 28-year-old adventurer’s affections. Along the way, they encounter crocodiles, camels, and lots of bugs in outdoor challenges, from whitewater rafting to aborigine-style dancing. With the competition underway, Dale told why he was worth fighting over.

1. He’s in good shape. Though he earns his living as a construction worker and an occupational safety specialist, Dale’s real passion is for his adventures. ”You know, travel to Nepal and climb some mountains,” Dale says, flashing blindingly white teeth. ”Climb glaciers. Rock climbing, parachuting, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, spending time in the Outback by myself, catching and releasing wildlife out there.”

2. He never planned to be on TV. A friend applied to ”Jack” for him. ”When they rang I was a bit surprised and I said no,” says Dale, who initially worried that being on ”Jack” would expose him to ”lies and bad publicity.” He’s still concerned that people who find out about his extensive martial arts background will try to pick fights. But it seems like he can take care of himself.

3. He’s deep. Dale says everyone should spend some electricity-free time in the Outback — or at least the nearest possible equivalent. ”You learn about yourself when you’re in those situations,” he explains. ”It’s a question a lot of people should ask themselves: Do they really know who they are? Can you really know who you are in today’s society? I’ve always been about knowing who I am before I proceed through this life.” (See? Deep.)

4. He likes American women. ”They were a little more pampered than most Australian women,” says Dale of the show’s contestants. ”They’re all good girls though — probably better than Australian women in general. They were willing to accept the challenge, to accept something new to them.” And he didn’t even mind a little whining when the women had to, say, catch a fish with their hands. ”If they didn’t whine at all, if they were too happy, that concerned me,” he says. ”And if they whined too much, that concerned me, too.”

5. He could probably take Crocodile Dundee. ”I don’t know if I’m ready to take on Paul Hogan,” says Dale. ”But he’s an actor, and I’m, like, the real thing. He did well for Australia though. Good on him.” And is Dale — who now has an agent repping him — ready to do some acting himself? ”I have a simple philosophy: I never aspired to be an astronaut but I would do it,” he says. ”I’d give anything a chance. If it kept the roof over my head, you bet.” Wait, Outback Jack needs a roof?

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