Van Sustren weighs in on Simpson trial anniversary -- The Fox News Channel analyst interviewed O.J. 10 years after the murders of his wife and her friend

Ten years after the ”Trial of the Century,” EW caught up with analyst Greta Van Susteren (then with CNN), who weighs in on her recent Fox News Channel interview with O.J. Simpson, cameras in the courtroom, and why no trial today is like it.

What’s the legacy of the Simpson case?

A lot of judges have backed off cameras in the courtroom. It’s much better to have a camera showing viewers what’s going on than having it filtered through the media. As much as I try to get it right, it’s different than being an eyewitness.

What do you remember most from the trial?

Judge Ito was in chambers deciding whether to admit tapes in which Det. Mark Fuhrman made racist statements and went after one of the LAPD cops, who happened to be Capt. Margaret York, Judge Ito’s wife. If it had been a movie, you would have walked out because it was too unbelievable.

Do you think O.J.’s guilty?

Yes. The most compelling evidence was photographs of him in the Bruno Magli shoes. The prosecution never got the pictures, but the lawyers in the civil case did.

Has he convinced himself that he’s innocent?

He sure acts like it. During my interview, he didn’t give me an indication that he did it or he has a guilty conscience or that his life is anything but going well.