Listen2This has a drink with Ireland's new rock act -- Simple Kid explains why he loves the word ''douchebag'' and drinks with umbrellas

By Laura Gilbert
Updated June 18, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Ordinary People”: the name of an Oscar-winning movie starring Mary Tyler Moore, and now also the theme of ”Simple Kid 1,” the debut album from Simple Kid. On such tracks as ”The Average Man,” ”The Commuter,” and the album’s first single, ”Staring at the Sun,” the 27-year-old gives George Orwell’s Everyman a Beck folktronica makeover. So we took Kid, whose real name is Ciaran McFeely (that’s right, McFeely, like the ”speedy delivery” guy from ”Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”! A mailman! Now, who’s more common than THAT?), to the one perfect after-work spot for an organic do-it-yourself Irish regular — Otto’s Shrunken Head, a tiki lounge in New York City’s East Village, which is replete with hula girls, Easter Island glasses, and umbrella drinks. You know, standard effects of the hoi polloi looking to tie one on…


Ritual de lo Habitual

L2T So what are you doing in the States?

SIMPLE KID, Jack and Coke I came to get drunk for a week. [Pointing at bar stereo] Is this Jane’s Addiction?

L2T No.

SIMPLE KID I just saw Jane’s Addiction. They all look a little too good…. I just started my tour here. It’s weird because I haven’t heard the album in a long time. Now I’m doing interviews, going ”Oh, it’s about this and that,” but I’d rather not think about it and just get on with it. In Europe I did a tour with the Rapture and the Streets right about the time they were both breaking. So that was very cool. Everybody was breaking. Except me. So you could tell the audiences were really excited…for the next band to come on stage. [Pointing again at stereo, blasting death metal] This IS Perry Farrell, right? [No.] I’m going through a weird phase where I think everyone sounds like Perry Farrell.


A French Connection!

SIMPLE KID, Pang’s Punch (rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, Malibu rum, pineapple, plastic monkey, umbrella, and glow stick) This is wonderful. You’ve got everything in here. It’s like a party pack. I love this drink…. The word ”douchebag” came into my vocabulary about a year ago. It’s a great word, a long word…there’s a lot in it. Which is worse, ”douchebag” or just ”douche”?

L2T It depends on what emotion you’re trying to convey.

SIMPLE KID I have only one emotion…ROCK! Then you go to France, and on the showers it says ”douche” and you’re like ”hee hee!” That word’s had quite a comeback. Welcome back, douchebag!


Can We Talk?

SIMPLE KID, Otto’s Octane (pineapple juice, rum, banana nectar, and Kahlua) Publicists are natural-born liars. Today an interviewer goes, ”So how did the collaboration with Damien Rice come about?” and I’m like, ”I’ve never met him in my life.”

L2T How about the alleged Bukowski references in your songs?

SIMPLE KID Not in my songs, in my ”book collection.” They told you I was Charles Bukowski’s son, didn’t they? My real name is Douchebag Dylan Bukowski.


Fish Tales

SIMPLE KID, tequila shot I remember being at the airport once and being so hungry. There was a family having dinner, and when they were looking away, I stole the kid’s fish. I put it in my coat and ran to the toilet and ate it.


Come On In…

SIMPLE KID, Volcano Blast (”flaming rum eruption” that serves four) [Taking stock of gigantic drink] Lordy, Lordy. It’s been a tough week, I’d like to wind down. How big is this drink, do you reckon? It’s like an endless pool. [Puts glow stick in bowl] Does this improve it at all? This looks like a hotel pool.