EW recommends you download these songs - Listen to tunes from Bryan Cox, The Strokes, and more

By EW Staff
June 18, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

— VH1 Born to Diva winner TARRALYN RAMSEY finally surfaces with a potential radio hit, the restrained, romantic R&B confection ”Baby U Know,” featuring St. Lunatics rapper Murphy Lee. TARRALYN.NET

— British blues-rockers STEREOPHONICS offer live highlights from their criminally overlooked four albums. For shades of ”Layla” and ’70s-era Rod Stewart, check out ”Have a Nice Day.” ITUNES.COM

— Wanna hear a really rough demo of a really cool song? Hipster pinups THE STROKES reveal a ”process” that includes Casio-quality beats on ”Is This It,” the title track of their 2001 debut. REAL.COM/RHAPSODY

— Having already served up hard-hitting dance songs to DJ Dan and Richard ”Humpty” Vission, BRYAN COX creates a veritable club monster with the swirling, percussive ”Music Is Movin’.” ITUNES.COM