A month after the finale, they decide to pursue their separate careers on opposite coasts.
Jesse Palmer, The Bachelor: Jesse
Credit: Jessica B. and Jesse Palmer: Craig Sjodin

Guess he should have sprung for a ring, or at least a round-trip ticket. Jesse Palmer famously gave his intended, Jessica Bowlin, an airline ticket to New York when he picked her in this season’s finale of ABC’s The Bachelor. Now, however, less than a month after that episode aired, the couple are going their separate ways, TV’s Extra reports. While Palmer, a New York Giants backup quarterback, will remain in New York, Bowlin will return to California to pursue her law degree.

Palmer, 25, submitted a statement to Extra, saying: “Jessica and I shared an incredible romantic journey on the show that began with a friendship that remains strong today. We simply realized that, individually, our next steps take us in different directions.” For her part, Bowlin, 22, said: “With too much distance and too little time these were not ideal circumstances in which to start a relationship.” But she didn’t completely slam the door on the relationship, adding: “Jesse is a great guy and has a wonderful family. Who knows what the future holds?”

So far, The Bachelor is 0 for 5 when it comes to getting its couples to the altar. The Bachelorette has been a little more successful, with Trista Rehn walking down the aisle with pick Ryan Sutter in a lavish televised ceremony last winter, and with Meredith Phillips still engaged to her pick, Ian McKee.

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