By EW Staff
Updated June 14, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
The Stepford Wives: Paramount

Will Faith Hill succeed in her movie debut?

MOVIE ”The Stepford Wives”

WHEN June 11

PLAYING Sarah Sunderson, a Stepford wife who has a meltdown at a barn dance

WHAT’S THE STORY? In this black-comedy remake of the 1975 chiller, Nicole Kidman moves to a posh suburb where all the wives, including Hill, are eerily perky and subservient.

WHY SHE MIGHT ROCK Mrs. Tim McGraw has long presented herself as a perfect wife and mother who just happens to be a gorgeous country superstar as well.

WHY SHE MIGHT HIT A SOUR NOTE When her character blows a fuse, can she go convincingly haywire?