June 11, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

MOVIES Where has Elizabeth Perkins been all this time? (No, not ”She’s Having a Baby”’s Elizabeth McGovern. ”Big”’s Elizabeth Perkins. People always get them confused. ”Big,” everybody, ”Big”!) ”I decided to slow it down,” she explains — i.e., she’s been raising a daughter. But now that young Hannah is 13 and ”she doesn’t really need me as much,” Perkins is back! She’ll play a psychologist in ”The Ring 2,” Donald Sutherland’s ”extremely rich” daughter in the coming-of-age story ”Fierce People,” and ”the head cheerleader’s drunken mother” in the indie ”Kids in America.” Plus, she plays ”an aging actress, recently out of rehab, trying to make a huge comeback” in Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick movie! She says it ain’t easy being an older actress in Hollywood: ”It’s only us moms who worry, Oh, God, I have car pool today but I have to shoot this love scene!”… Speaking of kids, MGM/Dimension is remaking ”The Amityville Horror,” the 1979 haunted house flick, and little Jimmy Bennett, who’s 8, is gonna star. ”I love scary movies,” says Jimmy, best known as ”Daddy Day Care”’s Flash. His favorites? ”Jason, Freddy, ‘Nightmare on Elm Str’ — oh, that’s Freddy. And ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ Don’t those movies scare him? ”No, they’re awesome.” Has he seen the original ”Amityville”? ”No, because there was none left.” At the video store? ”Yeah.”

TELEVISION Jason Priestley. He’s shooting a WWII miniseries for ITV (”the most popular commercial television channel in Britain,” according to its website) called ”Love From Colditz.” It’s a POW-camp movie. ”I get hanged,” Priestley says. ”I’m a bad guy. Typecast again.”

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