Which products were spotted in this week's movies? Beverages were the theme found in ''Shrek 2,'' ''Soul Plane,'' ''Raising Helen,'' and ''The Day After Tomorrow''

By EW Staff
Updated June 11, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Summer flicks are here, and filled with suspiciously in-focus brand-name items. This week, beverages!

STARBUCKS Okay, in ”Shrek 2” the coffee emporium is called Farbucks, but just like in real life there’s one on every corner.

COLT 45 The malt beverage is the drink of choiceand the subject of subway-type ads aboard ”Soul Plane”’s wacked-out jetliner.

PEPSI In the grand tradition of soda cameoing in movies, the cola pops up in both ”The Day After Tomorrow” and ”Soul Plane.”

POLAND SPRING Here’s something to dish at the watercooler: In ”Raising Helen,” the water delivery guy is tapped to become a model.