Archie Comics' vixens get clothing, beauty line -- Good girl Betty and rich bitch Veronica are immortalized in LA boutique Kitson's new line of T-shirts, sweaters, bags, and makeup

By Liane Bonin
Updated June 11, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Start saving your date-night allowance, Archie, because Betty and Veronica have gone highbrow. L.A. boutique/celebrity haunt Kitson has launched a luxe fashion line inspired by and featuring Archie Comics’ perpetual bobby-soxers. ”I think every woman can relate to Betty [the blond good girl] and Veronica [the raven-haired rich bitch],” says Kitson owner Frasier Ross of the line’s T-shirts ($28 to $78) and cashmere sweaters ($345 to $395). With B&V bags and makeup coming this June and a Miramax live-action feature currently in development, the line, which will expand to upscale department stores this fall, may be the Archie rivals’ first step toward pop-culture ubiquity.

Celebs found their inner Bettys and Veronicas at an in-store fete May 24 hosted by Carmen Electra. Though the duo’s reps were lost on some shoppers (”Which is the one who’s not a bombshell?” asked Nicole Richie. ”I don’t really read the comics”), Veronica fans (including Mean Girl Lindsay Lohan and Kimberly Stewart) clearly outnumbered Betty fans (Richie). Electra was torn: ”I think I have a little Veronica and a little Betty. I always like the bad girl as long as she’s not too mean.”