MTV snips Eminem's moon from Movie Awards. The network censors will keep the cheeky rapper's flashing from becoming another Janet incident

By Gary Susman
Updated June 08, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Eminem, MTV Movie Awards 2004
Credit: Eminem: Kevin Mazur/

It may be a while before Eminem or his rap group D12 get invited to perform on MTV again. The Associated Press reports that, during D12’s performance at Saturday’s taping of the MTV Movie Awards, Eminem mooned the audience. MTV officials immediately told AP that they’d snip the offending footage before Thursday’s broadcast of the awards gala. There was no comment from Eminem’s camp regarding the incident.

According to People, D12’s performance was an apparent parody of Guns N’ Roses, with Eminem wearing an Axl-like red wig and another member wearing a frizzy dark wig in apparent emulation of Slash. The cheeky rapper reportedly spent much of his performance groping his studded codpiece before dropping trou. Then, he tripped and nearly exposed a lot more to the audience, People’s eyewitness said.

Eminem reportedly performed a similar stunt earlier this year at a concert in Germany, but on MTV, embarrassed earlier this year by Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction at the MTV-produced Super Bowl halftime show, officials weren’t about to risk another flashy fiasco. Good thing for MTV that, instead of the now-standard five-second delay during awards show tapings, the network had arranged for a five-day delay.