How Mariah Carey can get back on track. Taking more musical risks (disco!) -- and taming down that wardrobe -- would help, says David Browne

By David Browne
Updated June 04, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Mariah Carey: Keibun Miyamoto/Retna

How Mariah Carey can get back on track

Any tips on how to revive Mariah Carey’s career? — Tophe Azzo

How about doing something, anything, different? When Carey left Sony for Def Jam two years ago, everyone assumed her R&B side would be beefed up. Instead, ”Charmbracelet” was more of the same. Carey should unleash her inner disco diva by working with producers and writers who could supply her with great songs, as opposed to melodic mush meant to showcase her melisma. (Why not consider one of Madonna’s recent, techno-drenched collaborators?) More elegant threads wouldn’t hurt either.

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