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June 04, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

The best (and worst) spin-offs

Now that ”Frasier” has ended, what do you think were the best and worst spin-offs? — Alicia B.

”Frasier” was the most artfully spun-off character in TV history, all the more impressive when you consider how radically the context for this minor ”Cheers” costar changed once he went to Seattle. ”Angel” also deserves credit; I wasn’t always on board with this ”Buffy” spin-off, but David Boreanaz and his gang managed, by the final season, to create a witty, scary, unique universe. The worst? So many: ”After MASH” is the most famous dud, but ”Fish” (from ”Barney Miller”) and ”Flo” (from ”Alice”) were pretty lousy too.

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