Julia Roberts is expecting twins. They'll be the first children for the actress and her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder

Julia Roberts
Credit: Julia Roberts: Dan Herrick/Keystone Pictures/Zuma/Newscom

She loves her life. Julia Roberts’ next double feature will be the birth of her twins early next year, her rep tells People. Spokeswoman Marcy Engelman confirmed to the magazine that the 36-year-old Oscar winner is pregnant with what will be the first children for both her and cinematographer Danny Moder, her husband since 2002.

Us Weekly reports that the twins are a boy and a girl, and Star magazine says that Roberts is nine weeks along, having been implanted with the embryos via in vitro fertilization.

According to People, Roberts is still planning on working for a while. She’s traveling to Italy next week to join George Clooney and Brad Pitt for the shooting of ”Ocean’s Twelve.” In fact, Roberts’ character, introduced in ”Ocean’s Eleven,” is reportedly pregnant as well.

Engelman tells People that twins run in Roberts’ family. Her great grandmother was a twin, and two cousins are twins as well.